Imaginatively named CD II contains the tracks:

  • Take Me Home: a hopeful tale of old school sweethearts who meet by chance after family break-ups
  • All She Wrote: a haunting song about why she left
  • Wouldn’t It Be Better: when absence just makes the heart grow cold
  • It’s Easy: when you are lucky enough to have friends & lovers with whom you can just be yourself
  • Heal the Wounds: why do we always argue just before falling asleep?
  • Is This My Television?: if the Turing test did emotions …
  • Some People:  some people love you, some people hate you – you can’t please all of the people all of the time
  • I Never Dreamt: an apology for unthinking callousness towards love in our youth.

When written like that, it seems like a depressing album but it really isn’t – the music and catchy choruses bring hope to the saddest of them all!!

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