Binoculars includes new tracks and older ones recorded for the first time.

Bacchanalia: what price needs to be paid to avoid the pain of being single.

Binoculars: often mis-interpreted, this song considers our perception of what goes on around us – from the outside a family gathering sounds warm and fun making the observer wish to be part of it but if they were they would not perceive it as anything special.  Really this song is just a long way of saying that the grass looks greener on the other side but often it is just the same so there’s no need to think that everyone else has it better than you.

Wipe Your Tear: the lyrics for this song were inspired by a TV documentary that attempted to attach the values of our country to the situation in a war-torn African country and it was extended to include the patronising nature of charity with singles such as ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’.

Give Me a Reason: is searching for an answer to why to get out of bed, or even continue living.

To Lose: looks at exchanging the high pressure, materialist world for something much simpler.

Hideaway: one of some people’s first collaborations which took this long to record.  Dealing with anxiety of facing the world.

Love You Hate You: a light rock track about an addictive love affair.

You: a love ballad.  Aaaaah.

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