Time to Stand and Stare

Time to Stand and Stare is an eclectic collection of old and new songs.

It has taken about 5 years to produce but we hope that you like it!

Jobs for the Boys was written for a fundraising album for musicians in New Orleans and was inspired by Naomi Klein’s book No Logo, focusing on the many people still living in temporary housing 3 years after Hurricane Katrina.  Featuring Ollie Squire on drums and Dave Goodyear on double bass.

Daddy Says was one of our first collaborations.  The lyrics were inspired by working with ‘at risk’ kids as they struggled to cope in spite of inappropriate role models.

Pop into my Head … coping with the day-to-day mundanity of life … not actually dying of boredom … treasuring the pleasure.

The Demise of Amelia Grey.  Better than Book at Bedtime … our very own murder mystery!  We can’t tell you the plot and you may have to listen a few times but we hope you enjoy it.

House on the Hill.  Establishing a home was hard enough in the 1980s but now earnings are little higher while house prices have more than quadrupled and social housing has been decimated.  Thatcher’s broken promises.  Featuring Ollie Squire on drums.

One More Hour.  It’s not just women who struggle to juggle modern life with demands of work and childcare.  The only answer is the 25-hour day!

Being with You.  They say that everyone has one happy song inside them … this one is ours.

Time to Stand and Stare celebrates the poem in my mind as I lay face down watching blades of grass, knowing I would be in trouble for being late home for dinner.  W H Davies’ poem may be the best thing I learned in primary school.  Featuring Ruth Wallace, Jane Berry and Ruth Bowles on recorders.

The Question.  If love is the question, then you are the answer … but still there is dread … dread of losing my identity … fear of being engulfed and subsumed by the passion we share.

What are you Thinking? … that time, at the end of the day, when everything is soft and sleepy … that point in a relationship when you can sit quietly together, not talking … that warmth of reminiscing about how you got there.

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